Made-To-Measure Blinds

Made-To-Measure Blinds


      Blinds allow great flexibility in adjusting the amount of light and privacy, whether it's sunlight or inquisitive looks from your neighbours. We have a good mix, from blackout roller blinds to waterproof blinds and even all-natural bamboo blinds, there is certainly something to match your style and budget.  

      You may also choose faux wood blinds which are less likely to crack, peel or warp, making them a perfect choice in our hot and humid weather.  Other budget-friendly blinds options include aluminum vinyl roller blinds which '; also provides greatr waterproofing. 

      At MuNic & Co, we make ordering of blinds easy, convenient, and saves you time and money. No high-pressure sales. No time-consuming appointments. Price Tranparency. Made-To_Measure at Off-Shelf Prices! And you do not need to wait for weeks or months for your custom blinds and shades! Yes, we work with suppliers and ensure speedy delivery to your doorstep. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are just a click away to helping you select the right design, whatever window covering you want. With myriad of styles, fabrics, patterns and colors to choose from, you’ll wish you had more windows to decorate!


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