PE Rattan versus PVC Rattan.

PE Rattan versus PVC Rattan.

PE vs PVC Rattan Quality

Most buyers will make their decision to buy outdoor base on design or maybe price. 
But it is important to know what you are getting before you

There are several types of rattan materials and they are PVC, PU and PE rarrange. PVC and PU synthetic rattan materials are the cheaper option.  They look more plastic-like and are not as weatherproof as PE rattan. Therefore they often come with a lower price tag. PVC and PU can often crack or go brittle when left outside in cold weather and can often sag when exposed to heat.

However, PE rattan is fully Weatherproof and can be left outside all year round. It will not crack or go brittle, and as such it is more expensive. Besides. PE rattan feels natural and comes in a huge variety of colour choices! 

As standard, at Munic, we only use PE rattan for all of our urban rattan furniture series. 

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