Shipping During Covid Pandemic

October 11, 2021 update:

We are noticing shipping times returning to normal. Please be aware that there may still be a few slight shipping delays though.


In January 2020 we began noticing delayed delivery times due to Covid 19. We contacted many of our online business colleagues, and found that they too were experiencing the same delayed delivery times.

As more and more people were required to stay home, they were placing more and more orders online, rather than going to the store. This meant a backlog of packages was piling up for the postal couriers.

To add insult to injury, postal companies were being forced to lay off many of their employees. Meaning the backlog of packages was being processed by fewer employees.

As MunicMall is a small and exclusive company, we are dependent on the various postal services to deliver our products to our customers.

Once a package leaves our warehouse, and is handed over to the courier (USPS, DHL, Fedex, etc.), it is then up to the courier to deliver your package on time.



If you placed an order a while ago, and it hasn't arrived within the specified time frame, please be assured it IS on its way.

It is most likely that packages are being processed by the couriers in the order they are received. We have no concrete proof of this, but this theory would make sense.

As of June 1, 2020 we are still experiencing delays in delivery times due to Covid 19.

We appreciate your patience while the couriers do their best to clear their backlog of packages. Your order WILL arrive, no matter what.


Thank you for your patience!