How to Care for the Outdoor fabric

How to Care for the Outdoor fabric

Cleaning of Fabric


Most of our waterproof covers are acrylic fabric.  Acrylic fibres is one of the strongest, longest-lasting fibers in the industry. It is a soft, comfortable, breathable fabric that cleans easily, and resists liquids and soiling. Some covers are made of polyester material that has a soft fabric feel. It is a fuss-free fabric but should be cleaned regularly to keep it looking fresh and new!


What to look out:

  • Clean with 50% combination of water and mild soap or detergent.
  • Do not use tumble dry. Air dry only.
  • Hand wash
  • Temperature < 30 degree Celsius
  • Do not use bleach on printed fabrics!
  • Do not use harsh cleaners and abrasives.



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